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!stuck Unstuck yourself
!help Open help menu
!rank Open your personal rank menu
rankmenu Open rank menu
!csm Change your survivor character
!hat Put a hat on your head
!hatshow Toggle personal hat view
!votekick Vote to kick a player
!votemute Vote to mute a player's voice chat
!votesilence Vote to silence a player's text chat
!chmap Vote to change campaign
!chmap2 Vote to change map
!votemode Vote to change gamemode
!third Go in thirdperson
!charm Attach an attachment to your current weapon
!charms Attach an attachment to a specific weapon




Up to 8 survivors can join in coop modes. The server automatically balances the game when extra survivors join. For every extra survivor there will be a higher number of infecteds in the map and tank will have more hp. No extra empty survivor bots are kept in the game, if there is no player to take over them, they will be kicked off the game.

Extra players will be joining as l4d1 or l4d2 survivors depending on the map (except for maps like the passing in which having all survivors can cause problems).

A higher number of medkits will be spawned when there is more than 5 survivors.

More than 50 custom maps installed. More maps get frequently installed and players are able to request missing maps to be installed.

L4D1 common infected integrated into vanilla ones.

Real time recorded players' stats.

Survivors are able to choose a hat for their character. (VIP ONLY) (disabled on maps like mall to prevent server crashes)

Survivors are able to choose their characters. (VIP ONLY)

Players are able to vote for mode change in game including survival and valve mutations. (VIP ONLY)

Automatic map change at the end with voting system.

Counter strike guns unlocked.

Announcements for gas cans and molotov exploding, players join and connection.

Rushing players will be slowed down if they go too far from their team, based on the map flow.

Distance marker from versus activated on coop modes

Players can give/trade grenades to survivor bots

Little Anti Cheat as extra cheater protection.

Survivors' flashlights have a beam effect on them.

Survivors can attach various attachments to their weapons. (VIP ONLY)


Saferoom nap (50hp and black and white removed for survivors with less than 50 hp during saferoom transition, no need to kill survivors).

When a new level starts players are frozen for some time to give loading players time to join.

Teamkillers punishment: Survivors gain TK points when they damage other survivors and lose them when they revive other survivors. When the points get to a certain number an auto voteban starts. If the points go even higher than that, the player will be automatically banned. Automatic bans done by the server are not permanent to avoid accidents. The amount of points needed to trigger the punishments scales with the difficulty.

Friendly fire damage is disabled for newly connected players for a certain time. Doing lots of TK damage during this time will kick the player.

Various map exploits fixes in both official and custom maps

Pistol spawn spam, Faster ladder, Revive fall damage cancel, Heal revive at same time, Bunny hop, Fast melee, Spamming name changes in chat, Giving pills to a survivor to change their weapon, Idle exploits (manual idle disabled), Bugged survivor animations fixes.

Vocalize has a cooldown to prevent spamming and vocalize to chat like in tf2.

Visible survivor legs.

Better death animation and ragdoll on death for survivors with working defib.

Bots can grab/give/use defib, ammo packs, grenades. You can also give/trade grenades with bots by shoving them. (M2)

Bots are able to pour gas cans into generators during scavenge events.

Bots have a generally better behaviour against special infecteds.

Players can interrupt an healing done on them by pressing the USE button.

Modified talker and tons of unused lines now correctly working.

Fixed missing shotgun sound in third person

Fixed incorrect animations of survivors caused by model changing plugins.